Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kaki Sakit+Xley Main Bola=Bley Tangkap Gambar Je

As u know beach boy still feeling misery due to ankle sprain

what beach boy should do during the time the boys playing football???

haha beach boy taking pictures of them

let's play!!!!
introducing the main hero today...faliq>>>its time to reduce my body fat

this is the "scorpion skill" which to be faliq new skill

ijat, penjinak buaya, ery also showing their own skills

ohh the ball way to off from faliq...malas nak kejor la tu

jin an with kungfu style, the opponent seem scared

no light causing the pic to be like this

and this...faliq turn to be a ROBOCOP wif eyes flashing

this almost nice lightning when the sunset help

trying to be infinite

focus on ball...blur at the background

too much exposure from behind also from camera

lack of focus....


at the end...

i know now that is difficult to snap a pic when someone in action

i wonder how expert the photoG taking the pic of the action during football match

when i can be a true photoG...

emmm i'm waiting my DSLR to come hehe


  1. blom lagi...tgh kumpul 30% nak capai rm2k