Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Barang Free....

Jom Masuk U....

i bet this post is already filled up by Ump's blogger...

so beach boy think he should telling another version of story during that day

okk lets start with "makan-makan" first...

just arrived on the parking lot behind the library, we eat first.filled up empty cute stomach(erie got cute stomach)

fad, erie & beach boy (sume mate tgh usha awek hehe)

nyam3...'want to eat with me?' nyam3...

not so taste...but ok lor free stuff

posing at JOM MASUK U banner..
don't know how to pose actually

at the booth of Dr SMS~Malaysian Astronaut

nice car u see.....

using water instead of petrol!!! lol

the boys getting hunger again...jump to the VIP table where our TPM eating
they got extra food and we.......EAT AGAIN!!!!

can u spot where is beach boy???

so where is "Barang Free" on this posting.....

Tadda.....jeng jeng jeng....
magnetic calendar, notebook, assorted pen, book mark, ruler
all free stuff from the booth

UUM multi-purpose bag...free oso!!!!

beach boy said: FUN FUN FUN


  1. paling best time mkn.. ko peyod gak ke?

  2. peyod???? haha wth....aku x byr bill aa huhu

  3. hurm2....
    aku dtg mnyibuk jap...
    patut la abih lauk2 kt jom U tu,rupe2nye de korang.

  4. menyibuk???bek ko menyapu sampah hehe