Thursday, February 12, 2009

Treating The Beach Boy's....and a girl

almost one week both of my parent were working on separate place...the big boss "abah" work at Aloq Staq and the mrs "mama" work at Slim River(sungai kurus??)
so the brothers and sis of mine is likely on my responsibility....all their breakfast,lunch,dinner and preparation for school was on my duties...the last day before they went back home at ipoh(my real hommie) i've decided to treat them at Chicken Rice Shop due to the money given for daily spending has much leftover...

the Set B for Chinnese new year special(x abis mkn pun, byk sgt sayor)
the eat slowly...lefting the vege alone-> anti-vege

the fatty first she said she doesn't want to eat,but after 15 minutes she starting to starving watching the beach boy's i feed manje la


  1. wahh..bgusnye membawa adik2 makan di luar

  2. Nak ambil Lelaki Pantai jadi abang angkat la.