Saturday, February 21, 2009

meniti jalan ikut akak Jelma.....

em last saturday.... my housemate n i lazying around with some college stuff...

you know where are we "lepaking"???

we was....VISITING THE BATIK'S HOUSE!!!! (haha hilang macho ni)

the Jelajah Mahasiswa, Jelma's has opened to student whose interested to visit the batik production house at Sg.Soi, Kuantan

so, we the 6+1(lailul not man in the house hehe) bored housemate quickly gave name to the organizer

then we went their by school bus(haha like kindergarden kids)

excited face seeing the worker arranged the strings

beach boy tried the "tenun" machine for batik

end of the day....tired+fun+bit upset(my cam's battery exhausted)
the battery "kong" n i slightly not having fun with the camera

so anyone interested to buy or order the "BATIK" is kindly welcome to Pahang Royal Batik House situated at Kg.Soi about 8km from Kuantan Town (promote pahang hehe)

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