Wednesday, March 24, 2010

:::brain is talking:::

while demanding this two bare hand
to type fast,accurate and handsome word
my brain start to jamm
not traffic jamm but it tend to::>
'heyyy handsome boy...let me take a break haa'
haha looks like my brain were talking to me??!!
always want to rest haa brain
my PSM???when will u(brain) submit this 
all to dean
nice work brain....
ohhh i forgot,now its 1.08 in the morning
it time 4 u to rest now
tq brain
pity on u...zzzzZZZMyEm0.Com

p/s: still repairing some bunch of twisted word on chapter 1,wait yaa chapter 2 
be easy on my,tired already heheMyEm0.Com

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