Sunday, January 3, 2010

new year new hope new sheet

since the new year celeb has passed

why not my bed got its new sheet too

look i bought this

rich in color 

a bit flowered

 buy this sheet at giant with nicko

he got colorful to but in circle shape(didn't snap the picture)

nice choice~i said to myself

i'm a heavy sleeper

after this i may sleep more heavy haha

hope not!!!

one more thing

could you see my pillow??

if you're long sighted 

will not see hehe


  1. katil bujang
    tp siap2 bunga2 sekali...
    mesti jenis romantik orgnya...
    he he he

  2. woww!
    boleh tahan taste nya yea
    colorful mmg menarik
    senang hati nak tidoq