Sunday, December 27, 2009

Penjinak buaya side stories...

crocodile tammer a.k.a. penjinak buaya = pakir...
but when i saw that the tammer/entertainer 
was not pakir 
(so now i leraned my lesson pakir is a faked penjinak buaya hahaha)

bugis or bajau guy who 
pleased the tourist 
visitor with their 
crocodile show...
 lets see to-gether-gether hehe(mari saksiakan same2)



watching 'buaya' has been 'jampi serapah'

small baby 'buaya' dancing


the bugis guy washing her teeth...


kissing muahh muahh


lay on top...ngapp show anymore!!!


pity...hit by blade of 4 stroke boat clad-engine 


white guy....rare!!!


his got his own below :::))


waghh once i read got scare my nerf

standard posing


medium-grade posing...


haha super-poyo posing haha

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